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09 V

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Curious as to how many here are planning on buying one.I have had my 05 for sale for over a year.Obviously they are soft and it's a buyers market,but mine only has 2500 miles and the calls I get are from grinders that want to steal it.I was considering getting an 09 but-it certainly isn't as aesthetically pleasing as the current one imo,and i'm not a big forced air advocate and there is a possibllity that the car will be .The new one will most likely be well over 65k...I've decided that since the depreciation is already factored in on mine,it's paid for,I'll let the kids who want to be the first on their block pay over window and de bug the first one's..I don't expect the valuation to increase(or decrease) on mine when the new one's arrive,but I remember when the current 7 series platforms came out five years ago the market on E38 cars all firmed up nicely because of the disilke(and problems) of the new models.

I have had no problems with mine,and love the edgy looks.Just ordered a UUC from Luke and PCM from Rick,will get the extended warranty and drive it for another three then the new one's will have had depreciated and if they are all that then maybe make the move and save a bag of cash. Thoughts welcome!
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This was a rhetorical post right? No need to respond? Crap, I did respond. :thepan:

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