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09 Escalade Platinum needs new shocks and want to lower it for practical reasons...

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Hey fellas, before anything, I've done the search and didn't really find what I was looking for. Here's the deal, I have a 09 Escalade Platinum bone stock with factory 22s. The shocks all seem to be shot so I need to replace them. My wife had surgery so it hurts her to step up and down the running boards(factory retractable) then inside the truck. I don't know how long it'll be till she feels better but I need to something about this now.

So my question is, I need to replace the stock magnetic air ride shocks/struts. I found a decent deal on rockauto for all 4 and a compressor, and also found a slightly better deal price wise with arnott factory replacement shocks. If I use the Belltech 2/4 lowering kit and pair it with factory replacement shocks, will the lower springs damage the shocks since they'll be compressed more? I'm aware belltech also has a 2in drop spindle, would it be better to get the front spindle and just rear springs? I need it to be a comfortable ride for her above all. If lowering will not work with the air ride, I might just have to sell it and get her something else. Thanks in advance guys.
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I understand your wife had surgery and you have my deepest sympathy. However, replacing with cheap non OEM MR shocks, you are asking for trouble, especially with a lowering kit. She won't be worried about getting in the truck, she will be worried about back surgery from the rough ride. If you have to lower, keep the factory magnetic ride shocks, and you shouldn't sacrifice too much ride quality. Most guys get the best deal on Amazon. Hope this helps...

Hey I might be 15?years old but umm I could take some pics of lowering kits that I know of and I have gas shocks on my escalade and they are pretty good especially sine well I'm young lol and I do love races they feel pretty good
K9 caddy, thanks, I am not wanting to replace the factory shocks with cheap ones, I want to stay with oem or Arnott air ride shocks which from what I understand are an upgrade from the factory units. My main concern was if the bell tech springs would damage the magnetic air ride. Thanks again
I don't think you'll find a better deal than

Front shocks:

Rear shocks:

Factory magnetic shocks and a quality lowering kit like ( should work fine and not sacrifice ride quality.

Here's a Platinum with the kit that I mentioned above:

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I agree with punmax I'd rather go with him haha
Thanks pumax, that's actually the pic I looked at earlier this week when I was searching, lol! Is that yours?
I actually did find a better deal at, it was $1182.01 shipped with the 5% discount code added for all 4 shocks & a dorman compressor. Now I just need to get some cash together and go for it. I'm trying to find out which kit is better, the McGaughy's or Bell Tech. Looks like the Bell Tech is a 2/4 drop, and the McGaughy's is a 2/3. Any input on which one is better?
Hey 09 platinum well I did the research and mcgaughys lowing kits can sometimes be noisey in the front or a little bit to bouncy in the back but I also checked belltech and well all of the reviews were positive and that their parts are all good quality but mcgaughys is more popular but belltech had a 4.3/5 review and mcgaughys had a 3.2/5 I would go with bell tech hope this helps
Any lowering kit is going to sacrifice ride quality. Will it cause back surgery - no, but you will feel more bumps and jarring on the road. If you change a lot of your rubber bushing out for poly, the ride will also be rougher and you have a higher chance of hearing squeaks. The only benefit is the ability to take turns faster.

I parked next to an EXT the other day with factory 18's on it (I have 22's with OEM tires). It sat about an inch or two lower than mine as measured from the bottom of the front lip to the curb. Maybe some 18's could be an inexpensive alternative until she heals?
you want i can sell brand new Biltein struts fro Arront, but don't have cancellation msg plugs.


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