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08 remote on 05?

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Can I program a keyless entry remote for An STS 08 on my 05? :confused:
It looks a lot better than the one I have.
And if do buy it can I program it by myself as per the user manual or I have to go to the dealer?
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I don't know but I suspect it would be fine. My wife's 2007 manual shows both.

Another cool thing about the new remote is that it contains a key. If you're serious about using an '08 remote, you'll want a copy of your key for it, too. I'd suggest one the sites like GM Parts Direct for a blank, etc.
I dont think the fob works with the 05, I bought 1 and it wouldnt see it, there is a thread somewhere on here that says that it will not work on the 05, but I will keep checking here to see it someone got it to match up.
The new one is bigger...I liked the one on my 2005 batter. Just no intergrated key.
just thought it would be more elegant in my hands
just thought it would be more elegant in my hands
Kind of like the VW fob that operates like a switchblade. (key flies out--like a stilleto). Where I grew up THAT was elegant. LOL
Call the service mgr at any GM dealership; he/she can give you an answer in 10 seconds.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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