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2008 Cadillac Escalade
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Hey guys,

So I have a 2008 Escalade Luxury with 79k miles. I have had it a little less than a year and overall it has been an awesome vehicle. Recently the battery went bad and I had it replaced. About a week or so later, the navigation screen went white, and the same day a few hours later the driver's side power running board started to malfunction. Now I know this could be merely a coincidence, but I feel something with changing the battery has something to do with it. To describe the problems more in depth, the navigation screen is white, and will flicker back to the regular screen for a split second then go back to white. As I drive, the screen continually flickers back to the normal display every 5-10 seconds or so. The sound from xm/radio is NOT affected, and the screen still has all touchscreen functions, it just remains solid white 99% of the time. The other issue is the Driver's side power step, another odd issue. The power step will work just fine every 20th or 30th time I open the door, which makes me think the motor for the step is ok. The power when it is retracting is the same and works just fine. On the majorirty of times that the step does not come down I can hear a click as if the step wants to come down but doesn't. Then after shutting the door and start driving, the step comes down, then goes back up. To me, I am not sure what these odd issues are but I feel as though they might be on-board computer or sensor issues. With the timeline from the battery being replaced to these two issues happening the same day it just has me very confused. Has anyone else had either of these problems after a battery replacement? Also if not, does anyone have an idea what could be the cause of either of these issues?

Thanks for reading! Hope to get this solved soon!
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