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'08 EXT 22" Rims Center Cap PN?

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I think I had an encounter with a pothole the other day, and lost the center cap from the left rear wheel. Pulled off one of the other ones, and it says C/N 9596649 on the back. I checked GM Parts Direct, but that PN doesn't exist there.

Anybody know if this is a good PN or not? Want to see if I can get it online somewhere before going to the dealer.....

This is for the 22" rims that have the 7 spokes....

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You can always find them on E-Bay, I think they steal them and then put them for sale there. :(
Anyone have any issues with noisy/loose center caps? Mine make a bunch of noise...
A few things, make sure the cap is put on correctly, that is match the pic of the valve stem to that location, make sure the steel ring on the cap is between the spacing fingers, that keeps enough pressure on the ring to hold the caps firmly.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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