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08 Escalade ESV clunking or rubbing sound

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Hey Guys, My wife called me tonight and said something was wrong with the truck. When I came home I started it and everything was fine. Pulled it out and about halfway down the street there was an awful rubbing clunking sound almost like you have no brake pads metal on metal. The brakes are good but the sound comes and goes. Any ideas wheel bearing maybe. It doesnt make the noise when I turn and it doesnt matter is I'm driving slow or fast. Has anyone else dealt with this issue
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Thanks I will check. The sounds does sound like a tire rubbing bad but the height seems good. She is on factory 22's and sitting about 8 -10 inches above them and the sound happens when driving straight. My wife doesnt drive the truck hard hell she babies it. We only have 58,000 miles on it.
Well I checked in the daylight and you were correct. I measured tread of tire to bottom of the fenderwells. Pass side sits 5 1/2 inches and drivers side is 4 1/2 inches. could this be shock or is the escalade have 4 independent air bags. Sorry about my knowledge we have only had it for 9 months and traded our Navigator in for it due to air suspension issues.
Thanks........ If it is suspension wouldnt i have a warning light come. The dash is clear except for seat bealt
Sarah thanks for the update. I wish I had some progress. I dont know if its safe to drive or have it towed. I was hoping there was a known issue. searching the web and forum seems like I'm the only one
UPDATE............ I had my mechanic come over and drive the truck and then he jacked it up. Pass side tire had 3 inches off play and bearing is shot. I caaled Cadillac and they told me 496.00 for hub assembly. Auto Zone is 219.00 for oem. Am I missing something here. I'm going with auto zone. Is there any reason I shouldnt. My mechanic is charging 85.00 for labor which I thought was good. Family Friend
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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