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08 Escalade ESV clunking or rubbing sound

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Hey Guys, My wife called me tonight and said something was wrong with the truck. When I came home I started it and everything was fine. Pulled it out and about halfway down the street there was an awful rubbing clunking sound almost like you have no brake pads metal on metal. The brakes are good but the sound comes and goes. Any ideas wheel bearing maybe. It doesnt make the noise when I turn and it doesnt matter is I'm driving slow or fast. Has anyone else dealt with this issue
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There is a "Service Suspension System" message that would appear in the Driver Information Center if there were to be a problem with the Road Sensing Suspension System (this system uses a computer controller to continuously monitor vehicle speed, wheel to body position, lift/dive and steering position of the vehicle; the controller then sends signals to each shock absorber to independently adjust the damping level to provide the optimum vehicle ride).

Keep us posted on your progress with this, and if you should require a visit to the dealership we're available to assist in that process where and how we can.

Sarah (Assisting Katie), Cadillac Customer Service
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