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03 cts
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so i have been researching this for a while now and i cannot seem to find a solution to fix this issue

i bet some of you are familiar with the "service power steering" message on the cts, i was told the issue is a
chaffing engine wire harness on the right cylinder head. I noticed the bracket rubbing up on the harness
and causing it to peel the protective sleeve. i will post a picture soon

but my main issue is that when i turn the steering at slow speeds and attempt a turn the car jerks as if its stuttering
through the turn i can feel the outter tire kick out and the traction light come on. i noticed when the powering steering message shows up the steering turns tight
almost as if there is no power steering. When this happens the car drives better at high speeds perfectly smooth

what could possibly be the issue? i head something about a loose g1110 on the right side frame rail but i need more
elaboration on it. Is the G1110 a sensor? bolt or wire?

the noise is getting worse, now on turns the steering makes a pop and creaking noise im not sure if i shold just replace the whole
steering assembly but i was told not to.

any suggestions? thanks
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