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07 STS V6 AWD Lowering Springs

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im looking for 07 sts v6 awd lower springs. having a hard time finding a set does any off the cts fit ? there the only ones i can find ? or would it be easier buying new stock springs and cut them ? im very lost with this any help with be great !!
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Looks good man, just wait til those springs settle, it'll lower some more.
Damn I have to replace mine, the struts back there are done for on my STS, time for an upgrade. Any part numbers or links on what you put in?
Did you also replace the shocks back there? if not that could be part of the wheel hop (bounce) your have now.
I would have with the miles it has, lowering spring and old stock shocks/struts dont mix to well from my experience.
Those look like BMW rims, what are they? btw that thing is sitting sexy now, I think I might have to get me a set up like that. Hows the ride on it now?
1 - 6 of 21 Posts
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