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07 STS V6 AWD Lowering Springs

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im looking for 07 sts v6 awd lower springs. having a hard time finding a set does any off the cts fit ? there the only ones i can find ? or would it be easier buying new stock springs and cut them ? im very lost with this any help with be great !!
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Just got mine from d3 Cadillac. Called trying to see if they still had it in stock and to my surprise they did. I didn't even hesitate. My car rides too high!

Look at that gap

Swapping them today
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Sexy springs !! Yours is the awd model aswell ? If you can take pics when you swap them out that would be great ! How much did you pay if you don't mind me asking ?
RWD 06 v6, paid $465 including shipping and the little spacers for rear. Will not do it today, raining like crazy. I'll post pics
Lol not aggressive as I hoped but it did close that ridiculous gap and enough room if I have any heavy objects in the rear.

Top is before, bottom after

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Looks good man, just wait til those springs settle, it'll lower some more.
That's what I've been told, we'll see. Looks good from the back. Very squatted. Ride is a tad bit hatch but not as bad as I've heard other people describe it
Be mindful of the bounce lol. Traction control also kicks in a lot more than before (I drive the car like i stole it but still)
Did you also replace the shocks back there? if not that could be part of the wheel hop (bounce) your have now.
Am I suppose to replace the shocks? All I did was swap the springs
I would have with the miles it has, lowering spring and old stock shocks/struts dont mix to well from my experience.
I need to find out which ones to buy.
Those look like BMW rims, what are they? btw that thing is sitting sexy now, I think I might have to get me a set up like that. Hows the ride on it now?
20x9F 20x10R Rohana rc10. It rides ok except for when going over speed bumps. I think the springs are bottoming out. A tad bit bouncy also at high speeds and going over uneven pavement. It sits low enough that it barely clears the parking curb (scrapes a bit lol)
1 - 9 of 21 Posts
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