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'07 ESV Rearview Camera Won't Activate PLEASE HELP!


On my '07 ESV the rearview camera suddenly stopped working. According to the Config settings it is on (red dots on the button) but beginning about a month ago, when I place the car in reverse - the nav screen stays live (with a map). It's as if the shift activation has either disconnected itself or is stuck on - because logic tells me that I would have either a black screen (activated with either a bad camera or camera cable) or the "service camera" error message if the activation was occurring when I place the car in reverse. The only thing that occurred around the time the rearview camera stopped working was an oil change - and I haven't been able to conjure up what connection it could have had with the problem.

I've searched google for this issue, read dozens of threads on other rear camera issues - but not found this particular problem. Help from anyone with expertise or experience in this is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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