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Hello folks, thank you for welcoming me into the forum as I need some help.
I have a 2007 Escalade (not EXT and don't do towing) and had the unfortunate issue of the transmission not engaging properly, followed quickly by grinding noises.
My (other) issue is that I'm in Dubai and is very hard to find trusted service or experienced in caddy.
At the garage I usually go they at least are transparent and they said they don't know what it is and would need to go by elimination which will be very costly.

Problem is: when he hooks up the computer yes we get transmission errors as expected but also different unrelated types of erros that we didn't have before. So he reseted and drive around the block (after sit off for a night the car works fine for a short while), the the strange errors return.

I know a bit about electricity and electronics as is a big part of my profession but not so much about mechanics, so I have some initial opinions but I really really appreciate if someone has a light to shine on this problem, if had similar issues before or experience with this because is very unlikely that so many different things will actually become faulty at the same time.
Thank you all very much in advance!

- Engine Control Module (ECM) 1 Problem
1.P0700-00 Transmission Control Module (TCM) Requested Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) Illumination

- Transmission Control Module (TCM) 8 Problems
1.P0776-00 Pressure Control (PC) Solenoid 2 - Stuck Off
2.P0796-00 Pressure Control (PC) Solenoid 3 - Stuck Off
3.P0989-00 Transmission Fluid Pressure (TFP) Switch 5 Circuit Low Voltage
4.P2723-00 Pressure Control (PC) Solenoid 5 - Stuck Off
5.P0842-00 Transmission Fluid Pressure (TFP) Switch 1 Circuit Low Voltage
6.P0872-00 Transmission Fluid Pressure (TFP) Switch 3 Circuit Low Voltage
7.P0877-00 Transmission Fluid Pressure (TFP) Switch 4 Circuit Low Voltage.
8.P2714-00 Pressure Control (PC) Solenoid 4 - Stuck Off

- Body Control Module (BCM) 1 problem
1.U0214-00 Lost Communication with Remote Function Actuation

- Driver Door Switch (DDS) 2 Problems
1.B1580-00 Mirror Horizontal Position Sensor Circuit
2.B1590-00 Mirror Vertical Position Sensor Circuit

- HVAC Control Module (HVACCM) 2 problems
1.B0413-05 Temperature Control 1 Feedback Circuit Short to Battery Or Open
2.B0228-05 Recirculate Position Feedback Circuit Short to Battery Or Open

- Memory Seat Module (MSM) 1 problem
1.B1850-06 Seat Lumbar Horizontal Position Sensor Circuit Short to Ground Or Open

- Remote Control Door Lock Receiver (RCDVR) 1 Problem
1.C0765-00 Right Rear Low Tyre Pressure Sensor

And a bunch of other systems reported OK.
Again thank you all very much in advance!

-Tyre pressure sensor I know there is one faulty for a while and I already got a new one just waiting to replace but is a real error.
-A few weeks ago I heard servo-motor malfunctioning noises coming from the dashboard followed by constant hot air being blown from all vents instead of cool air.
I found a tutorial about how to electronically reset the positions of the vents flaps and it turned out it worked for me, though sometimes I still hear the servo noises from the dashboard but very briefly.
  • I didn't see myself yet but mechanic reported that the transmission oil is in good condition and didn't see any major leak.
  • It's around 320km and I bought +- 1y ago.

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have the codes been cleared then drive it again a bit?

There's a lot of errors coming in from the trans and when you start from scratch you'll have a better idea of what's real vs. stored/erroneous errors.

The multi-pin connector to the trans was designed in a horrid orientation. I think there's a TSB for connections within that. Make sure the connector is fully seated (as in remove, re-seat, use dialectic grease) and also trace that harness up over the trans and look and feel for chafing. This is another TSB. The over-trans harness tends to get marred.

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Check the ground point under the driver seat outside next to the frame. You may have a ground issue and nothing wrong with your transmission. There are several ground points and need to be cleaned.

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Check the ground point under the driver seat outside next to the frame. You may have a ground issue and nothing wrong with your transmission. There are several ground points and need to be cleaned.
Sorry I know this is getting to be an older thread, and I don’t mean to hijack, but do you happen to know of a schematic that would show all the ground locations to check? Just got Escalade back from dealer after having exhaust repaired from someone attempting to steal my cat converter- and now 2 days later on the freeway going about 75mph “service stabilitrak”, and “service traction control”, along with messages they were both off. I have also noticed in the last two days it is just not shifting quite right, and there was no signs of this at all before it went in. The only other thing I had them do while it was there was replace the battery current sensor because of somewhat erratic voltage, out of spec even for the regulated voltage system. (new alternator & battery). Also Wondering if battery cables themselves could be culprit? I know they are prone to failure- just seems like odd timing.

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Battery cables are known to have internal corrosion, high resistance and make things go crazy. I got my OEM replacement off of Amazon.
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