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07 Escalade ESV - wiper blades with a mind of their own!!

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I have an 07 Cadillac Escalade ESV, the last few weeks the wiper blades have had a mind of their own....

It only happens when I have the keys in the ACC position.

Often when I'm on brake at work, after coming back from getting food, i'll turn the car off, and but I'll leave the keys in the ACC position while i work up the courage to go back in (LOL)... Lately when I do that the wiper blades will start going as if i was hitting the spray button (not sure what you really call that, but the button that you push to spray the washer fluid and wipe the windshield. It will start spraying washer fluid, and wiping the windshield until i move the key into a different position. It doesn't do this EVERY time, but it does do it a lot. It even does it sometimes when i don't leave the keys in the ACC position, but just pass by it to get the keys out, i'll notice the wipers move real quick and then stop.

Could it be the switch on the steering wheel that is going out?

Any ideas?

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