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07 Escalade - Belt Squeal

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I have struggled with this since I have owned the truck. I have replaced all the belts, idler pulleys, and tension pulleys. I am using Gates belts. I have eliminated the squeal on the main serpentine belt. I can spray belt conditioner on the AC belt, it will stop screaming until it wears off, then start up again. Moisture or rain makes it worse. It is worse in the morning on cold starts. Any one got any solutions? I'm wondering if the AC compressor is going bad... it works great though. This is driving me crazy.
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This will be the 2nd time I have tried a new tensioner. I am going to try a different brand belt this afternoon. I hope this fixes it. If not, I will be looking at a new compressor. This truck will be brand new by the time I'm done.
I usually do not purchase Goodyear products... But their Gatorback belt stopped the squeal. Everything is working as normal.
On the main belt (non-AC) --- I just replaced a 6 month old Dayco belt with a brand new Gates belt. The Gates belt made it two weeks and started squealing. All the pulleys feel fine and everything looks to be aligned... this is driving me crazy!

PS - The AC belt is doing fine.
Well, the Goodyear gatorback worked for a few months. It was raining this morning when I started the engine, then came that awful chirping/belt slipping noise. I have replaced both tensioners and idler pulley. Everything looks to be in alignment. This is about to drive me crazy. I'm tired of buying belts every 2-3 months.

I am going to try taking the belts off and cleaning them with soap and water to see if something is on on it.
I will try a Bando next. I reversed the direction on my current belt and it stopped the squeal until it wears that side out. People say that means a pulley is out of line but I'm not seeing it.
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