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07 Escalade - Belt Squeal

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I have struggled with this since I have owned the truck. I have replaced all the belts, idler pulleys, and tension pulleys. I am using Gates belts. I have eliminated the squeal on the main serpentine belt. I can spray belt conditioner on the AC belt, it will stop screaming until it wears off, then start up again. Moisture or rain makes it worse. It is worse in the morning on cold starts. Any one got any solutions? I'm wondering if the AC compressor is going bad... it works great though. This is driving me crazy.
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You may need to replace the A/C clutch? Have a shop or mechanic take a look at it, sounds like the bearing associated with the A/C clutch may be shot and is causing your noise issue from that location.
Try some wd-40 on the a/c clutch and see if that eliminates the noise for a while.
Same issue here during rainy days I hear a squeeking noise. I'm going to replace the tensioner and idler pulley to see if that cures it before I try replacing the belts.
I will have to try this also, seems like whenever it rains I hear a belt or bearing noise but when it is completely dry out and I haven't sprayed WD40 or anything it's quiet. But as soon as I spray WD40 on the pulleys or belt the noise comes back for a few days.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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