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Hello everyone! Greetings and salutations.....I am new to this forum and am considering an upgrade to the factory stereo. All i'm looking to add is an aftermarket amplifier and 2 12's to the trunk. The problem i'm running into is that I cannot locate ANYWHERE through the firewall that I can run the 4gauge power wire through from the battery to the trunk.

I've read some of you have actually run this wire through the outside and lined it through the bottom of the car. I do not like this method in particular and would like to run this through the cabin on the passenger side. Is there any special way anyone knows how this can be done without drilling and cutting the firewall?

Part2- Also, where could I find a remote lead to use for the amp?

Setup: I have a speaker level to line level converter that I can use to get a signal to the amp. I'm not looking to have a massive system, I just need a little extra beef with the bose setup.
2 - 12 Kicker Comp VRs
2 - 1cubic foot square sealed enclosures (made to spec for the subs)
1 - KIcker ZR1000 to power them :lildevil:

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated, thank you for taking the time to read this.

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I won't be able to tell you about a good area for the firewall. I have yet been able to look there, nor do I have plans to any time soon.

But here are a few questions for you.

Are you planing on keeping the factory radio as it is?

If so, then you will NEED that speaker level to line level converter like you mentioned. Mostly because all of the EQ, OnStar AND volume control is done through the factory amp. So if you thought about using the audio line output from the factory radio, don't. Even though it's line level anyways....

Back to the subject at hand. As for a remote turn on wire for an aftermarket amp. Well my only suggestion is to take apart the factory amp. Find the relay that is in there and test to see what terminal is the power wire output which powers the rest of the amp. I know there is a relay in there, because you can hear it click on.

Put your key in the ignition, but don't turn it. Close the doors, wait a few seconds and you'll hear the relay in the amp click off. Then open the driver's door, and just before you hear the idiot bong you will hear the relay click on again. The factory amp, if you don't know this already. Is in the trunk on the driver's side right behind the carpet.


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There is a rubber gromet behind the pedals under the carpet. I ran my wire through there. Put a long screw driver through it and look under the hood with a flash light for the screw driver. You should also be able to take the wires from the factory amp to the sub for your LOC. Here is a diagram of the speaker wiring.
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