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07 audio system center speaker probs.

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I am having some problems with the front over the dash center speaker, it works but it comes and goes.
now sound is coming out of it, now its not,,...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Any ideas guys.........
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I will try to check it out this week if I have the time.
If it's stock, the no brainer the dealer and have them check it out and fix it, simple as could be.

Otherwise, if not, or whatever, it likely is some kind of a loose connection or another oddball electrical glitch.
Have you had your Nav system out installing Lockpick maybe as said the connection is loose.
no never got my nav out and I do not have the lockpic.the only thing that I have is the ipod connection which I got from GMgeek, which works perfectly by the way.
this problem started just last week. !!!!!!!!!!
That bites. :(
After taking the center front console apart to get to the amp, maybe any loose wire there, found nothing, then I took the head audio unit out ,( good experience if I want to get the Lockpic) , and tested the wires " found nothing wrong either ", but the center speaker still had the same problem.
A lot of frustration and finally by mistake I found the origin of the problem, " LOOSE CONNECTION ON THE HARNESS OF THE IPOD MODULE GenI ".
And finally solved the mistery problem.
Well at least you found the problem, just sucks all that work when the Ipod harness is easy to get to
Thanks guys, also I forgot to mention that I took the center speaker out too. to check it.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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