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06 V1 Front Suspension Issue. Help needed!

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So I have owned my V for about 2 years now. Bought used with 50K on it. Currently at 89K

Issue I started noticing about 6 months ago and just really is starting to bother me is when turning my steering wheel my front sway bar is rubbing on my Strut/Shocks. This is really getting annoying. Its rubbing so bad on one side that it has put a small dent in the strut so its rubbing HARD.

Question I have is why? And has anyone else had this problem and been able to fix it? I just replaced my sway bar bushings and this didn't help next im going to try adjustable end links other than that what would cause this?

Thanks guys for the help im stumped :suspense: really I haven't hit anything to cause any bending or damage either just seems almost like the car has settled to a point its sitting weird IDK. I will add I do have 20" rims they where on the car when I bought it think this is causing added pressure possibly? Just odd it never did it the first year I had the car..
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Has this car been lowered or raised? Measure the distance from the center of the wheel to the edge of the front fender. It should be 15 inches regardless of wheel or tire size.
The car has not been lowered or raised at all. I will report back with my measurement thanks for the reply Darkman!
If it is stock height, and you install shorter end links (regardless of how robust) they will break - almost immediately.
I vaguely recall folks running into this issue with the Hotchkis sway bar up front, but I don't think I've seen anyone complain about it with the stock bar. Any chance the previous owner(s) put bigger sway bars on it?

If you google for "sway bar collars" you'll find options for 2-piece metal clamps that bolt on around the sway bar. They get installed to the inside of the bushing mount, and prevent the sway bar from shifting side to side.
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