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06 sts and the gmx 550 from costaltech...

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is this device compatible with the 06 sts nav... and if not, what options do I have for ipod/android connectivity (including video)

I have a non nav sts that I added the nav unit to and I have yet to find out how to wire the a/v input for the armrest
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Open the arm rest

IF your car was with the Nav from the factory there is a red white and yellow aux input.

Hit the AUX hard key and AUX soft key on the touch screen to activate it.

It will NOT allow video in motion without a lock pick that had been MODIFIED by Tomm (doesn't make them anymore...goodluck finding them)

05-07 had more "checks" to determine if the car is in motion than 08+ so lockpicks which say 07(really 08+) will NOT work on 05-07.

If you want CONTROL of the ipod though the factory radio the Upac STS is the only one, it's limited but does do its job.
You'll note that mp... did write in post #1 that his Nav was added-on. Perhaps that post had been later edited?

Regardless, it's all as you stated. I still contend the best way to have your STS equipped to your liking is a 3-step process.

1. Test drive differently equipped models until you know YOUR STS option package.
2. Shop until you find YOUR STS at a price you feel is reasonable.
3. Buy YOUR STS.

Sure, you can do upgrades, but most of them aren't all that easy to get to 100%. My method works, but I might have preferred red. :)
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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