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06 sts and the gmx 550 from costaltech...

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is this device compatible with the 06 sts nav... and if not, what options do I have for ipod/android connectivity (including video)

I have a non nav sts that I added the nav unit to and I have yet to find out how to wire the a/v input for the armrest
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Open the arm rest

IF your car was with the Nav from the factory there is a red white and yellow aux input.

Hit the AUX hard key and AUX soft key on the touch screen to activate it.

It will NOT allow video in motion without a lock pick that had been MODIFIED by Tomm (doesn't make them anymore...goodluck finding them)

05-07 had more "checks" to determine if the car is in motion than 08+ so lockpicks which say 07(really 08+) will NOT work on 05-07.

If you want CONTROL of the ipod though the factory radio the Upac STS is the only one, it's limited but does do its job.
mrproducerdav said:
Does the upac-sts support video?
mrproducerdav said:
Have you seen any add the a/v ports to a non nav sts?
Stick to you're thread to avoid confusion. Your issue is totally seperate.
mrproducerdav said:
I'm new here... I did start a sepereate thread for the a/v ports
Which I responded to. Stick to keeping it in there and not clogging the OPs thread with a completely seperate issue.


Thanks for the help by the way
No problem

Just like I said keep it in there, will avoid confusion for trying to solve 2 problems in 1 thread and trying to follow which response is for who.
EChas3 said:
You'll note that mp... did write in post #1 that his Nav was added-on. Perhaps that post had been later edited? Regardless, it's all as you stated. I still contend the best way to have your STS equipped to your liking is a 3-step process. 1. Test drive differently equipped models until you know YOUR STS option package. 2. Shop until you find YOUR STS at a price you feel is reasonable. 3. Buy YOUR STS. Sure, you can do upgrades, but most of them aren't all that easy to get to 100%. My method works, but I might have preferred red. :)
Got confused as hell. OP had two similar threads going. Had to follow on phone lol.

Common. Adding stuff everyone says can't be added is part of the fun. I can almost guarantee I have the only HUD without ACC equipped V8 STS in the states haha.
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