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As Gen1 V owners, I'd like your feedback concerning a project I'm working on that is nearing completion. Last year I bought an 06 Escalade with the intention of restoring and modifying it to be a higher performance daily driver. The project is almost complete and I'm thinking about badging it as an 06 Escalade V Tribute. My idea is I've built the car with parts that were mostly availabe in 06, and which GM might well have used had they opted to build a V series Escalade back then. I'm not claiming it is a V series. I've built it as a Tribute to Cadillac's V series focus on performance and handling. It's not supercharged; but neither were the early version CTSV Cads.

Some of the mods and upgrades include:
Swapped LS9 engine for GM Performance LS364/450, custom tune (Dynoed at 452hp, 447lb-ft torque), Speed Engieering headers, dual Exhaust with center mounted exhaust tip, Stage 2 transmission rebuild, PowerStop brake upgrade, Belltech 2/4 lower/level with Performance shocks/struts, sterring and suspension rebuilt, 275/55/20 tires on 20" 2018 Escalade wheels, recondtioned and partial paint in Sport red metalic including monocolor for grill and step pads, two-tone interior with OE Pewter and dark red leather seatcovers with matching red door inserts, armrests, steering wheel, dash and console, swapped OE Gauge Cluster for modified 140mph/7000rpm Gauge Cluster, Pioneer 8400 multi-media system, built-in dual cell phone charge pads.

So what do you think? Are the mods and upgrades I've done consistent with the V-series had they chosen to make a 2006 Escalade V? I guess my bottom line is this: Given the increased performance, better handling and added appointments, does my 06 Escalade qualify to be referred to as as an Escalade V Tribute? Here are some photos.
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