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If you're replacing front struts or rear shocks you'll need to know which suspension type is in your car. The RPO (Regular Production Option) sticker under the spare tire cover gives the option codes for what's in THAT car.

FE1 usually means passive, soft suspension. F55 FE3 is the active magnetic ride control sport suspension/performance springs. If you replace the (expensive) MRC suspension there are several hoops to jump through in order to fool the suspension control systems into thinking the active parts are still there.

Your car also has ELC - Electronic level Control - to compensate for extra weight in the trunk and rer seat and that must remain in use. It's a compressor/control/air line/shock bladder/height sensor system - compressor and control head in the liner of the RR fenderwell.

Personally, I would not recommend Strutmasters. Either original "AC Delco" parts or maybe Monroe replacements.

Look at suspension stuff in RockAuto. Our CF member basscatt is the resident Deville/DTS suspension expert.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts