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06 DTS Projector Beam Retrofit?

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I was wondering if it may be possible to retrofit the projector beam headlamps off the new 06 DTS to 2000-2005 DTS/Deville's.?.

I know the whole headlamp can't just be swapped because of the new shape on the 06 but maybe a swap of the internals?

I want to try this as I think I can get my hands on a set from an 06, but I am looking for any blaring reasons why this can't be done. I know anything can be done if you throw enough time and money at it, just looking for an x-ray of the can of worms before actually reaching for the can opener.
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I've been considering doing a hood/fender/lights/bumper swap in a couple years when the parts become more available. Not sure about swapping headlight guts though, I'm pretty sure they're quite a bit different..
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