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06 DTS hood jar light keeps coming on???

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Ok guys, I have always been a sports car guy but the other day I bought a 2006 DTS with 60k on her. The car seems to be great but over the weekend the hood jar/ hood open popped up on the dash. So I pulled over and check the hood and it was good and closed. So I opened it and slam it and took off again. Less than a minute later the light came back on. Later I tryed looking for some kind of sensor around the hood hinge and the latch. I didnt have any luck but there was some kind of connecting plug right below the hatch. Any help here guys? Also now my remote start won't work. I'm guessing due to the hood light being on?
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If the hood ajar light is on, the remote start is disabled...
The sensor is on the hood latch...just below the flat piece of plastic that covers the top of the radiator.
There is an electrical plug on it.
It may have been damaged or knocked out of position slightly by someone slamming the hood really, really, hard.

Texas Jim
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