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2006 CTS 3.6

I started the car last weeks and had a rough idle. Started to drive and the engine light came on once hitting 2500rpm. It flashed above 2500 and stayed on (not flashing) below 2500. Used obd2 scanner and found p0201 and p0301.

Cylinder #1= replaced fuel injector, replaced spark plug, replaced ignition coil checked and confirmed that 12(ish) volts were being sent to the fuel injector.

Radio Display reads to check coolant level from time to time. I did not add coolant and level is just slightly below full.

Car run normally after 20 minutes of driving. Codes can be cleared at that time, until the car sits for about 30 minutes and is restarted.

Not sure where to go from here short of the Dealership. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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