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2005 SRX AWD
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We changed out the stock shocks with aftermarket and after weeks are still battling "speed limited to 80 MPH" error message.

We have used the resistors that came with the aftermarket suncore shocks, 50W 2.5KJ Ohm and 50W Watt 4.7K Ohm based on information from this forum. After the resistor changes we disconnected the negative battery terminal for 30 - 45 min.

Can you please walk us through what the correct resistor is?

We removed the 24 A active suspension fuse from the real passenger fuse block and stopped the service suspension system error message.

Since tracking down the fix has taken so long we ran jumper wires from the old shock terminal to under the body so we could close up the interior panels.

Thanks in advance. We are pretty frustrated at this point.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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