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05 Escalade, High Voltage? Electrical issues/radio won't turn on

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Hey guys, hoping this happened to someone else and it's and easy fix/cheap.

So I just started my truck, let it warm up for 10-15 before driving, and then when I got to my destination, put it in park and sat for a minute. The radio/navigation won't turn on. It doesn't display anything. When I hit the power button, the backlight comes on and the time, but it won't power on. Also the drivers and passengers side doors button illumination is being weird. One minute it's fine, the next they flicker off, then back on. The voltmeter is reading higher than what I think is normal, and it's jogging between 15-16 volts. Then just as I was about to leave, the meter dropped down below 14 volts and the idle roughened up a bit. No engine or battery lights, no warning lights of any kind. 86K miles. Runs and operates fine.

Really hoping to shed some light on this issue and find a solution.

Thanks a ton in advance fellas!
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2005 and up have a BCM battery control module. The PCM is not the cause. If that battery and alternator check out as good it is the BCM by the battery or the alternator wire might have some corrosion on it. Wake is correct. The BCM can go into an economy mode and regulate from their sending the readings all over the place on a multi meter or dash. It generally won't throw a code when the battery and alternator are good.
The BCM or voltage reg is right next to the battery small black box. Dealer item usually, unless you can find it online.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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