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I have the bose system with nav and the in-dash 6 disc cd changer. I have only had the truck for around a month or so. I have never even tried to use the cd changer until today and I realized that there have never been any lights on it at all. I checked the fuse box (both of them) and it doesn't appear as though there is a seperate fuse for the changer just the main fuse for the stereo. My cig lighter fuse was out as my cigarette lighter didn't work and I replaced the fuse and it works fine now. I pulled the dash and pulled out the 6 disc just to see if it was unplugged or loose and it wasn't the plug was fine. I bought this truck used and it didn't come with the nav so i replaced the factory head unit but it didn't work before i did this either. Any ideas? I am not really even going to keep it anyhow I just want to know why it doesn't work. I am going to get a tester tomorrow and check the harness for power( IF anyone has a schematic for the wires and wants to share it I would appreciate it). Thanks in advance for any insight.
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