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05' Corsa V on an 07'..?

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My 3 year lease is almost up, 4 more payments and GM has the nice pull ahead program... the plan is to pull the trigger on a 2007 in the next 30 days and do a 2-year lease and wait for th 09 V. By then I'll either still be into the V or I'll move on to maybe a LSx engine based G8 for less $$'s.

Will my 05 Corsa bolt up to the 07?

If yes, I'll pay the shop hourly rate and have the caddy dealer swap them, I'd guess 2 hours total. I did the install myself, but that will not be an option in this scenario.

VinMan out...........
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I was in the same position as you and also went with a 2-yr. 07 lease. Even though my Corsa would fit the 07 I decided to get the car with the GM performance exhaust which is now Borla. That way I can fold the cost of the exhaust into my lease.The cost of pulling the Corsa and reinstalling the factory on the 05 and pulling the factory and reinstalling the Corsa (not to mention the time) did not make sence to me. In addition as it is a leased car, GMAC might be a little touchy about putting a 3-yr old exhaust system on their vehicle. Either system will sound great on a 07 V. Enjoy.:thumbsup:
Make sure they don't charge you more than an hour for the swap. It's only four bolts after all, as they don't need to disassemble the Corsa. The stock catback is one long piece as well, so it should take two guys less than 10 minutes to swap 'em.

You are correct sir. when I installed it in the first place I coudn't believe the entire stock exhaust was one big connected piece that came out whole. It stayed on the side of my house until a 6cyl guy picked it up for a few cases of beer.

I did weld a couple spots of my Corsa just becasue it would work itself loose at the resonator every couple months, no matter how much I TQ'd it down, it would wriggle loose on teh paseenger side after a hard shift every 3-4 months.

In reality, GM would be putting a brand new exhaust from an 07 onto the used 05.... they should be OK with that. It's me with the brand new 07 who is getting a 3-year old exhaust system, not them.

Thanks Guys. I'll be pulling off the Stealth V intake tube and re-installing the cadillac engine cover this weekend in preparation for the car swap.

VinMan out.....
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