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04 SRX Eibach Lowering Springs Any Pictures??

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Hey guys I am fixing to get the Eibach kit for my 04 SRX 2WD to lower it just a little so I can get in easier. Does anyone have any pictures of before and after or even just after. I want to see what it looks like and how of a drop is actually is once installed.

For the people that have done it, how much did it actually drop your ride heighth? Did it settle any lower after driving around? Did it get any lower after alignment, I heard it can drop ride heighth another .2"-.6" with an alignment. I have always had lowered vehicles so I know the ride will be a little stiffer but will make it alot easier for to get in with my disease Thanks for any input yall have on lowering.:thumbsup:
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I was all about doing this about 6 months ago and if you do a search here with the key words eibach you will find several pics. I felt like there was so little aftermarket support for the SRX that I sold it(my third) due to payments, poor gas mileage, etc.
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