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04 escalade nav unit, dvd player in the back: simultaneous functions

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OK, I have a 2004 escalade with the LCD Nav unit, and the flip down roof dvd setup in the rear. What exactly CAN I DO while people in the rear are watching dvds???? I am about to take a 10 hour road trip to myrtle beach and I know the people in the back seats are going to want to watch movies. I want to be able to listen to music up front. I have been trying to toy around with it, possibly have the people in the rear use the headphone jacks while I listen to XM or CD's, but it's not cooperating with me. Does anybody have any advice????? Thanks in advance.
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Hah, I didn't even realize I had those headphones. They were sitting in the way back in the little storage compartment. Thanks. :)
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