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04 escalade nav unit, dvd player in the back: simultaneous functions

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OK, I have a 2004 escalade with the LCD Nav unit, and the flip down roof dvd setup in the rear. What exactly CAN I DO while people in the rear are watching dvds???? I am about to take a 10 hour road trip to myrtle beach and I know the people in the back seats are going to want to watch movies. I want to be able to listen to music up front. I have been trying to toy around with it, possibly have the people in the rear use the headphone jacks while I listen to XM or CD's, but it's not cooperating with me. Does anybody have any advice????? Thanks in advance.
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Hi, My 04' EXT came with the infra-red headphone package for the rear DVD player. They work great, you can listen to anything else while the headphones hear just the DVD player. Your 04' should've come with the headphones.
I've never used the headphone jacks, so not sure how they work with the front radio/nav unit.
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