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ZO6 - 3116lbs.
CTS - 3509lbs.
The weight difference, although significant, is not the reason for the gas mileage difference. Tuning and gearing is the difference. Cadillac learned and has NOT made the same mistake again with respect to the SRX. It will have gas mileage figures WAY above it's competition thanks to a SUPER-TALL final gear.

Anyway, getting back to CTSv performance. A new wrinkle has appeared in the story. It seams that certain GM exec's are getting interested in a new AWD drivetrain from Holden (the folks that brought us the new GTO base-car, the Monaro).
It seams that Holden has not only got a nice AWD Commadore platform, but also has an EXTREME performance version sedan that uses a Chevy race-prepped 427. GM is already talking production on that. So the possibilities are wide-open for virtually ANY drivetrain that Cadillac may want to dump into the CTSv (or possibly the nex gen Seville, er, STS)
I still think it's going to be the same basic drivetrain as the GTO initially.
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