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The Edmunds site has pricing info on the
'04 CTS. By my calculations if you
order the 1SB package at $5235 you'll
spend $3015 more than if you bought the
3.6L w/auto and power seats individually.
Now you do get some wood trim, memory,
auto dimming rear view mirror w/compass,
OnStar controls, homelink transmitter, and
theft detterent system which you can't
get separately. I don't think all that is worth

If you order the 1SC package, that cost
$2185 more than the individual options
plus you get the extra things I mention
above for the 1SB. Still that's a little
steep for those extras that you can't
get as individual options.

Usually when you buy a package you get
pay a lesser price than if you bought the
options individually.

Maybe the Edmunds site has the wrong
numbers. The Cadillac site did not have
the '04 pricing up yet to confirm.

2014 Standard SrX grey/black 2006 GTO
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I think has the same numbers just presented differently.

edmunds has the 17" painted wheels as a option. I am wondering if they meant high polish wheels?
Because the painted 17" wheels come with the Sport package.

The $1700 option for the 3.6L is what is making the price higher.
Even though it includes the auto, it works out to $500 more.

If have priced it several different ways and it looks like I will be going with the base car But with the Sport Package and the 3.6L
Those 2 packages are a $3575.

If I want the Xenon lights and the split folding rear seat that is another $1095.

What about heated seats?
Power passenger seat?

It adds up.

If I were to get the 1SB then I still have to get the Sport package.

If I get the base I can't get the wood steering wheel or even the anti theft system.

Seems a litle complicated but it is better than the Mazda 6 and a lot of other cars out there.
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