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Hi again, coming off my recent victory of the cooling system I am ready to attack my Traction/ABS issue.

Patient has a ABS C1214 (System Relay Contact of Coil Circuit Open) and C1248 (EBCM turned on Red Brake Warning light). I've researched the heck out of this (stop me when I'm wrong), C1214 triggers C1248. C1214 is most likely the following:

1. bad/dirty/corroded ground
2. bad/dirty/corroded electrical connections
3. bad solder joints inside EBCM

1st question Access - EBCM looks really packed in there. Service manual says remove Fascia Extension (front wheel well) but no section on removing that. I'm assuming it's pretty straight forward, GM fasteners. Can I really get enough access just removing the Front Fascia ? Looks like the smog pump might be in the way. Your experience ?

Where is the ground attached? I can't see it clearly.

Clean the connections with electrical component cleaner spray seems in order. Then test proper pins for proper signals (volts) into the EBCM. If no check upstream wiring, if yes problem is inside the EBCM.

If evidence points to EBCM remove and send out for repair to one of the several ABS vendors sited here in the Cadillac Forum. Could I drive the car with the EBCM removed and out for repair?

Am i on the right track? Any and all experience/help/feedback is appreciated.
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