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I have never had the vibration problem in my Seville that I often read about, that is, until the Cadillac dealer rotated my tires today.

When I bought the Seville, it had mixed matched tires on it that were worn out, no vibration. I put a new set of Pirellis on it and had a wheel alignment done on it, still smooth. After 10K miles on my new Pirellis, I had the dealer do a tire rotation on it. They had it on the rack for 45 minutes and said my right front wheel bearing is bad. I left the dealer and got on the freeway and immediately noticed a vibration in the seats at 65-75 MPH.

I'm thinking...
A) I should not have rotated my tires. :thepan:

B) They may just need a Road Force balance.

C) The dealer got the hub surface dirty or did something to the wheel bearing.

I am ok with the fact that my car may need a new right front wheel bearing, but there was no vibration BEFORE I took it in there. I am going to call them in the morning. I will keep you guys posted on what happens.

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I had a vibration on my '03 DHS when I bought it. Had it balanced and all was well until I rotated the tires. I put them back where they where and have not touched them since, and won't until it is time to replace them.
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