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03 Cadillac Deville
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2003 Deville
I have the car torn down to replace both front hubs to pass inspection. I have an appointment for new tires and alignment so I really can't see letting a shop tear apart the front end again to replace the front engine mount and screw up my alignment.

I've got the bracket loose from the engine, the subframe dropped an inch or so and I can finally feel the nut on the top of the mount.

Anyone have any ideas what size this thing is or how I can get it off?

I can't fit a box end wrench in there and if i could i wouldn't be able to turn it for the block and rad fans, I can't fit a socket in there for the exhaust mani. I was thinking a crows foot but I'm not sure if it will be long eough to clear the bracket that it is bolted to and don't know the size to special order it.

Any help or insite will be greatly appreciated. Of course the lift I use is occupied to I'm working on the floor on a creeper.
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