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03 Deville highbeams and handling

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I just bought a Deville 03 DTS. When I turn on the highbeams all the headlights go out. The bulbs don't look burned out, and they don't look easy to get to. Does anyone have any ideas about wiring problems with these cars? The column switch etc? How do you get to the headlight bulbs?

Also I have noticed when driving on curvy roads at a speed above 30 the car handles very badly. The steering is very unpredictable and when you try to turn smoothly it jerks and reacts all at once. Any ideas on common steering problems? It's almost like the belt is slipping and it loses power then regains it and throws the car to the side. Kinda scary...
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This may be a goofy question, but I really can't figure out how to change the headlight bulbs in my 03 Deville. Can anyone tell me how this is done? It took the bolts out of the top hoping the assembly would slide out but it did not. Can someone tell me what I have to remove to get to the highbeam bulbs? I don't want to disassemble anything I don't have to. :eek:
Ok, nevermind I figured it out. Wasn't too bad. It turns out my relay is bad and not the headlights anyway. When the bulb tested ok with the multimeter I switched the high and lowbeam relay and the high's worked and not the lows.
I certainly didn't touch the bulbs, only the base. I did know that much.
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