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'03 Deville CD Changer help

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My dad recently bought an '03 Deville (base model) from one of his neighbors. It didn't come with the factory installed 6 disc changer that goes in the gloe box, but he would like to add it. He has asked me if I would install it for him, which I will if possible, but have a few questions first.
1) Does anyone know the P/N of the changer/kit that is required? (His car has the base, non-Bose, audio system.)
2) Is the harness already there for the changer, does it come with the changer, or do you need to purchase it seperatly?
3) Is it a plug and play addition? I would think it is.
Any help or info would be appreciated.


I'm looking forward to checking out his car. He's been wanting one for a few years, but kept putting it off.

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asilverblazer said:
Hey Tom, fancy seeing you here...

Hey. I seen your post about your new ride over at GMTC. Looks good.

Thanks, wish I could help out but I'm still new to the whole Cadillac thing... although I did mount an aftermarket changer in the trunk of mine, plays through an FM frequency, works great for me.
You just need the bracket kit to install it properly.
You have to remove the glove box and cut out the little cover in the back, it's got a groove around it so you can see where to cut it.
The wiring is in place, in fact it should be plugged into a dummy plug in the back of the glove box.
You just put the bracket in, mount the changer and plug it in (not necessarily in that order).
I don't have the changer part number though.
That sounds easy enough. Does the bracket come with the changer, or is it a seperate purchase?

Thanks again for the info,
The bracket kit comes seperately.
I know guys who use velcro tape to stick the player to the shelf in the glove box but I highly recommend the bracket kit.
If your GM dealer looks up the CD changer kit, there should be a note on the part number for the bracket kit.
Good deal. Thank you very much.
Thanks for your help ewill3rd. Dad ordered the changer and mounting kit and I installed it for him Thanksgiving day. It was just as easy as you explained and worked perfectly.

On a side note, he paid $375 brand new for the changer and brackets at his dealer in WV. Our dealer here in SC quoted me at $645 for the changer and $15 for the brackets. :cookoo:
Glad to hear it. The bracket makes it a cake walk.
Thanks for reporting back!

I could tell you stories about dealer pricing that would curl your hair!
I got a universal one on eBay pretty cheap (I think it was $200, maybe less) but it is thicker (taller) than the stock one so the stock bracket doesn't work. It works fine, just doesn't mount like stock. I just have it sitting on the glovebox floor. If you want one to fit right you either have to go to the dealer or eBay (factory units pop up there once in a while).

Like eWill3rd said, the wiring is there you just need to pop out the perforated hole in the glovebox.

I bid on one for him on E-bay. He didn't want to bid more than $200. He decided if he was going to spend more than that, he'd just get a new one at the price I mentioned above.

Yeah, I've seen some crazy prices on dealer parts when getting stuff for my Silverado. :cookoo:
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