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'03-'07 1st Gen Tow Hook/Eye

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Recently went through a rough road area (aka everwhere here in NYC) and my tow hook bumper cover was lost...I located and purchased a replacement in my paint color but, wouldnt mind actually running a tow hook/eye loop on my car during normal day to day driving for asthetic and real world functionality. I went through the parts list catalog and located a part number but, these things are non-existant!! Ive hit a lot of no longer avaliable, not in stock messaging. Didnt call a dealer yet either. Does anyone have one? Can you post a photo and/or specs (measurements, thread info, etc). Do the first gens even have screw in threading? I'm considering an aftermarket one but, have read the screw thread is different sizing for European/Import vehicles like BMW's and Nissan's. The 2003-2007 GM part number is 25718706. Thanks in advance forum family!
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A tow hook would be within the same line as my other mods.
No. No, it wouldn't.
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