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'03-'07 1st Gen Tow Hook/Eye

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Recently went through a rough road area (aka everwhere here in NYC) and my tow hook bumper cover was lost...I located and purchased a replacement in my paint color but, wouldnt mind actually running a tow hook/eye loop on my car during normal day to day driving for asthetic and real world functionality. I went through the parts list catalog and located a part number but, these things are non-existant!! Ive hit a lot of no longer avaliable, not in stock messaging. Didnt call a dealer yet either. Does anyone have one? Can you post a photo and/or specs (measurements, thread info, etc). Do the first gens even have screw in threading? I'm considering an aftermarket one but, have read the screw thread is different sizing for European/Import vehicles like BMW's and Nissan's. The 2003-2007 GM part number is 25718706. Thanks in advance forum family!
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Thats for the 08+ .....have no clue if the threads are the same bro.
Seen an option there by brand OMP that mentioned the thread as universal M12...I'll make a Home Depot/Lowes trip and test fit a long stud I guess....didnt want to buy 10+ bolts and try them all one by one to check sizing. Thank you.

i think the thread in tow hook is in your spare tire compartment with the jack.
my 03 doesnt have that little pop off cover (thank god)
Mine didnt have anything included...
Why would you want to run a tow hook for "aesthetics & real world functionality" ? Please explain.
I think it would be ugly sticking out of the bumper.
Because...........I ocassionally "track" my car and have a sport inspired look. IE: engine dress up, black wheels, v front bumper, carbon fiber wrapped pillars, etc. A tow hook would be within the same line as my other mods.
The replacement cover that you ordered... where did you get it from? I'm in need of one and will gladly buy yours off of you.
Craigslist in my local area....seen one on eBay a day ago also in oem black raven.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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