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I have an 02 caddy seville sts.. just bought it...
Looks like someone tryed to get into sunroof with a screw driver.. it certainly leaks..
There is water on the inside of every single window.. very odd

also, the sun roof mysteriously stopped working.. it worked and so did the interior lights housing that is above the consule on the cieling.. the whole panel seems to be out.. .

I would imagine that its because I left the liner thing not closed. and the inside got wet.. but now what?

need some help.. its about to snow and I really aint trying to have snow on a leaking sunroof.... ..

Thanks in advance.. Maybe Ill call the dealer..?

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This has nothing to do with detailing and appearance maintenance - moved to Seville.

If the inside of the windows is wet - radical interior humidity - the carpets are probably soaked, too. You have BIG sunroof leak problems. The water also probably has ruined the upper console switch panel.

Put a tarp over the car.

Google "cadillac forums seville sunroof leak repair" and "cadillac forums seville sunroof adjustment".
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