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2002 Cadillac DTS Deville on Vogues and DTS Blades
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two days ago i was driving with my sunroof window cracked open (meaning it was tilted up/open) and i heard a pop somewhere above my roof. i thought maybe something had hit it but found no damage. however, i noticed that the sunroof did not close properly (flush with the roof). i checked if it still opened fully and slide in completely, which it did. afer more inspection i noticed that the piece that pushes the sunroof up/open and tilts it from the passenger side did tilt up at all, causing the sunroof to look lobsided when open, and not fully closed when "closed".

this worries me becasue i need to wash the car and i dont want water to leak in, not to mention rain, though i live in so cal and rain is scarce now adays.

has this ever happened to anyone before? does anyone know how to fix it on my own? what the delaer say if you took it to them. Please advise. thanks
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