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ruffyrder said:
Recently purchased an '02 Deville DTS. So far, very happy with the car. One thing that did come up was the Crank Sensor and after lurking around here a little bit, that seems to be a common problem. SO, I had the dealership replace it as part of the purchase agreement. I had about 2 weeks to drive the car before they could get it in to replace it. Gas mileage seemed to average about 25-26 highway....not too bad.
Now that the sensor has been replaced, mileage has dropped to 19 to 21 average. I found a buddy with the Snap-on programmer and had him do the Crank position learn, assuming the dealership had not done, or forgotton to do it....didnt seem to help, mileage has remained low.
So, the question is, what else could have changed? Is there something else that needs to be done, changed, reprogrammed? Anything? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Have you looked for any new codes yet? Does the car accelerate as well as it did before the sensors were replaced? Are you absolutely sure your driving style hasn't influenced the mileage? Gas mileage goes down a little bit in the winter, but probably not as much as you're seeing. That's a significant decrease.
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