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Ok all I am officially a cadi owner, just picked up a 02 deville w/ 67k silver/gray for 10k ... everything on the car is perfect. But of course looking to do some upgrades. I allready changed the headlights to Sylvania SilverStars... VERY NICE. Now what I am looking into is possibly getting some more bass out of the stock radio. I have been all over this forum and I can't find what I am looking for so here we go;

1) Is that a subwoofer in the rear deck ?

2) And if so what size is it ?

3) Now if that is in fact a sub, then there must be an AMP ?

4) where's the AMP at and what are the specs on it ?

What I am thinking is maybe I can just swap the sub for a better quality one, and if the amp won't push just use another amp for it ...

Thanks in advance for the help !!!!

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1) Yes
2) 10 inches
3) Yes
4) In your trunk its what runs all of your speaks in your car

If you wanna add a new sub its been seen best way to do this is buy a new amp a line adapter and an Infinity Kappa 10.1 Sub. With about a 350-500 watt amp
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