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01 DTS Moonroof part?

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Hey all...

closed the moon roof in my 01 DTS last nite,...and heard a sickening cracking plastic noise....sigh.

re-opend ed her up and found the following. the black plastic bar that sits right at the very front of the moonroof, on the drivers side was in pieces, cracked and beyond repair.

so, I need to know, while the moonroof closed perfectly, what am I looking at, should it rain? ie will this leak? looks pefectly closed to me and open/closes fine...just that large black plastic bar that sort of popsup when the roof is open is now not working at least on the driver's side...

anyone know about this ? oh, and what'd it cost fo this new bar and is it 'user friendly' to replace?


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Check out I seen that part in the catalog. I've ordered parts for my yukon on there so they're legit.
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