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01 DHS overheating

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Hello all,

I bought the car a few weeks ago for 800 bux.
Has a misfire on Cylinder 3 and sporadic overheating
I barely drove it and when I did it rarely got hot, but had errands to do on Sunday.
On Sunday, it finally got crazy hot and I immediately pulled over and turned the car of.
The upper radiator hose popped (coolant everywhere)
It's currently at the local garage - Cylinder 3 has slightly low compression.
While being at the garage, they discovered chewed up wiring which they fixed.
Supposedly it's idling better but still not normal and is still overheating.
They replaced the coilpack in the rear while they were at it.
He believes its the gasket. I told them to stop working on it further..

Any ideas on next step? i'd like to have the engine fixed but cant afford it
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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