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I just got my 2001 Catera with the NON-Bose system (p.o.s.!:mad: ). I plan to install a Pioneer DEH-P4700MP head unit. I already bought the Metra harnesses (both - PR-0180 and 80-2001), the antenna adaptor (40-GM10)and the dashboard fit kit. My concerns are whether the steering wheel controls will become non-functional and whether the On-Star system will be affected. If so, any fixes or adaptors I should get before I rip it apart? Also, what size speakers are in the car, and how many? Any issues with speaker depth, or is there plenty of room? Any suggestions for decent replacement speakers that you know will swap out without any trouble? Any other issues I should be concerned with on this install? I'm assuming it'll be an easy swap with the wiring harnesses and fit kit ...

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