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'00 Deville Base Ashtray Plug

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I noticed the ashtray plug wasn't working in my '00 Deville Base. So I pull out the entire center console (the housing that holds the ashtray in place). I noticed the there wasn't anything plugged into the cigarette lighter. So I thought, OK, easy fix right, just plug it back in. But I cannot for the life of me find the plug that supplies power to it, anywhere. The female portion is there, but I cannot see the male plug anywhere. I've got 80% of the interior parts pulled out & it's nowhere to be seen.

I even pulled out the A/C control cluster to see if maybe someone tucked it back there. Nothing.

If anyone has any advice about where it might be it would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to have it working again. If you need any further info from me, by all means ask.
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Holy smokes that was a booger to find. Someone had it crammed way up in there to the right of the steering column. That goodness for drop lights & knee pads or that never would have been found. :canttalk:

Thanks Ranger for the pic. Much appreciated.
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