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2007 sts and now 2014 xts
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I am in need of some serious audio technical help.
I have built this amazing audio system in my car and I can’t stop the damn thing from cutting off at high volume. There’s not really a certain volume number on the dash that makes it trip. I think it’s just from the dynamics of different songs.
Before I hear all these crazy suggestions let me knock some of them down early so I can get someone smarter than me to help me.
Okay of course I still have my factory radio. Running to the Nav-tv gm-650 unit. Digital out to Mosconi 8 to 12 pro going to Arc Ks2500.1 x Arc ks300x2 and Arc ks300.4. All powered by Mechman 240, with a xs power d1200 under the hood and xs power d3400 in the trunk with a 500 amp isolator. I have had this system for awhile in this car and just recently updated my subs and mid-bass. While I was bumpin my new subs the cut off issue started happening.

All of the amps and processor stays on. Cue radio still on and does not cut off or stop music counter on bottom that shows the track playing. The display in dash that show artist name and song completely cuts off and goes blank. The music stops for 3 seconds or so and then comes back on at a lower level. I have 3 volt meters. One to sub amp input to see what it’s pulling. One at the front battery and one at the rear so I can see my voltage and it does not drop below 13.4 on none of them. It rest around 14.8 with no draw.
The craziest thing is. When Im parked playing my music it NEVER cuts off.
Weird huh...
Any suggestions.
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